A proverbial saying that“Quality and value is in the detail” which explains no matter what a work like painting, art craft or architecture, a perfect work is born with a series of details.

GANRO makes every rotary table based on this concept from every single part to a complete rotary table. Even a small screw will decide if a machining center can achieve the most profitable function.

From 1978, Golden Sun Industrial Co., ltd. maintains quality and value in making rotary tables utilizing advanced technologies, GANRO Industrial Corp, was established in 2008 to meet the high standard and demands from our customers all over the world. The spirit of pursuing perfection of Golden Sun is fully passed on to GANRO.

We stand on solid ground and continue to innovate with perfected technology.

GANRO is convinced that a perfect work isn’t made without a foundation. As everyone knows that German and Japanese manufacturers keep most strict standards to make rotary tables. Their standards and attitudes to make rotary tables are GANRO’s motive power that keeps GANRO walking forward.

GANRO has the courage to uphold the spirit of the challenge and example the experience of OEM with famous European US and Japanese companies to mark a whole new record like our maxim “Gain the road to success”, GANRO not only pursues the invention of advanced technology and strict inspection of quality control, but also keeps putting ideas into practice.